Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Raining, it's pouring!

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” 
― Roger Miller

It's raining. I drenched myself in it this morning. I truly love rain; it's so magical and mystically beautiful. 

I mean, who would have thought -- water falling from the sky? It's a crazy idea. Then again, the craziest ideas are always the best. Imagine if there was no such thing as rain. Forget the environmental implications of that for a while and just think. If somebody would have said, "Imagine if water fell from the sky!", what would people say? They would call him a crazy man. Water falling from the sky? He must be insane.

Yet it's real. Water does fall from the sky. It's an amazing thing indeed. We don't appreciate it. We don't realize how amazing it truly is. It's a miracle -- just like the billions (and counting) miracles all around us. They have become so ordinary, so overlooked, that they could just as well not be there. However, if they were not there, what consequences we would feel.

 "Then Which Of The Favours Of Your Lord Will You Deny?" (Holy Qur'an)

I think that a Creative can better understand the Creator. It's like we're all just characters in the greatest novel of all time. As a writer, I make people, I make worlds for my people to stay in, I make each person unique and profound, I make them all want something so badly, and I make obstacles between them and their goals. All of this is what makes a good story. The story is interesting, there are unexpected twists, and most of all, there are relate-able characters who change through their difficulties.

We love these stories in books and movies. Why is it so difficult to understand then, when we are faced with obstacles and difficulties? Why can't we see that Allah loves us much more than I love my dear characters? We are simply characters, and every problem we face is molding us into who we are supposed to be. Without any troubles, there would be no story. We would be flat, pancake characters with boring lives. Don't you see, how in books and television, the characters have to suffer endlessly? But eventually, they come out being so much greater than they were before. Don't you see that we are characters in the most remarkable story ever told? Every problem, every opportunity, everything is exactly what your Writer intended for you. He is the best writer ever. We live in a miracle. His attention to detail, His creativity, His characters are surely the greatest. But of course they are -- He is the one who has made every writer and every human. What an honour it is to be a part of this story.*

Let's go back to raindrops. The droplets of water splash against my body. I shiver as they trickle along my skin. They move slowly, but smoothly, leaving some moisture behind. As lightning flashes and thunder roars, I look up at the cloudy sky. The clouds are purple, grey, white and blue. A raindrop lands in my eye. Everything blurs. I close my eyes. I feel the rain increase, and the drops build up on my body. Soon, I am drenched. The single droplets on my skin shimmer in the lightning, making me look like a shining star. That is just what I am, and you are. I breathe deeply. In this moment, I have disappeared into the rain. I am nature, nature is me. This moment is beautiful. It is perfect.

For that is all we have -- moments. Just like the moment that is passing right now. You're using one of the moments of your life to read a random blog post. Is it really worth it? Because you will never, ever get this moment back. Will you regret wasting this moment one day? If so, I suggest you go outside and use it for something better. Something like dancing in the rain. Something magical which can make you understand everything.

While we're at the topic of moments, I suggest you watch this video: Figuring Life Out - One Thousand Gifts.
Anyway, that is all. I shall now leave my imaginary readers and do something else. Dear imaginary people, do take care. I love you all.


* I am not in any way comparing Allah to myself or any other writer. That is impossible. He is far too great to make such a comparison. We are ordinary mortals, humans, creations of His. I was only trying to help people to better understand the problems they face.