Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello World! (The falcon has landed)

Me landing XD

Earth, oh my sweet wonderful Earth. How beautiful you look from up here! It's something I cannot describe. Now I can see what had attracted me to you in the first place, why I left my beloved Planet X.

Anyway, I have landed safely, as you can see. I've reached this strange planet called "Blogging". So far it seems really promising, I cannot say for the future. This is my very first post!! Oh, I am so excited.

The falcon, as I had predicted, proved to be a reliable spacecraft and invaluable on my explorations of the Blogging planet.All the gadgets you gifted me with have been tremendously helpful.

You will never guess what I found on this planet! I have discovered the most remarkably intelligent life forms. I believe that they have an even higher intellect than humans. They look just like us, except they have a quirky dressing style and are weird in every sense of the word. I find them absolutely awesome.

How are you doing? Those crazy human beings still trying their best to destroy you? Wish you all the best for that my dear. I'm certain you will need it.

I hope you will receive this message in a readable form. I also hope that my findings can help you in some scientific theory of yours. In the meantime, you take care.

Good night, Earthlings...sweeet dreeeams!
This is Maria Nanabhai from Blogging planet, signing off.

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