Friday, June 1, 2012

A Random Day, A Random Way

Good day to all you beautiful people out there! It's been half a month that I haven't seen you. I have missed you dearly. I'm so sorry. These exams have been keeping me so busy.

Well, it's a lovely Friday afternoon where I am. The 1st of June, 2012. Today is the first day on a remarkable journey I have embarked on. Camp I come! And today marks exactly 30 days until my birthday. I will be 14 sooon :)

<---This is my favourite car. In my favourite colour too. So kill me for being classical. Why did I post this here? Well in all honesty, out of the purest randomness.

Anyway. Since I have nothing more to ramble about, lemme post here some more randomness I wrote on Freedom Day:

" was Freedom Day. I hope every South African enjoyed the day, not just as the beginning of the long weekend, but as an appreciation of our rich history, our freedom and our country overall...

Which brings to mind the question of how free we really are. Does apartheid still not have our hearts in its grasps? The other day, on the news I heard, "Handsome Matsane becomes the first black officer to be in command of a submarine". Why is that even special? On this day, so very many years ago, did we not agree that all humans are equal? So why is one "equal" human being becoming a submarine officer so great?

Schools, jobs, sports, everywhere they are trying to make up for apartheid by making Africans the new superior race. Man, I thought we had abolished that concept long ago! Changing the subject of inequality and favouring doesn't change the fact that it is *still* injustice. Half the people benefiting were not even around during apartheid. If white people can say "What our forefathers did is not our fault", why doesn't the same apply to Africans? Why can we not just select employees/students/sports persons based on competence and ability instead of continuing the race based judgement?

Then, the secrecy bill. This is probably the biggest threat to freedom, democracy and the future of South Africa since 1948. In a country where crime and corruption rates are this high, one can only imagine the impacts of such a law. It would allow the government to get away with almost anything without the public even having a hint. As if they do not get away with enough already. If there is no media freedom and freedom of expression, how much freedom is actually remaining? It makes me wonder what they have to hide, what sinister objectives they might have. Hitler passed such bills. Wherever there was trouble, it was generally preceded by something of this sort. Where are we headed?

These are all political things, interesting a bare minority. Our country isn't very small and most of these things do not affect any of us directly. The real question I might ask is, how free are YOU, as an individual? Do yourself a favour, take a look at your wings. Yep, you do have wings. As long as you are a living, breathing human being; you have wings. If you have difficulty locating them, they are found in the deepest corners of your mind, and usually have some parts of them in your heart. They are often the bits kept hidden from everybody else. Your true dreams. Once you find them, take a good long look at them. Are they broken, tied up, chained, or simply folded? Or are they glowing, spread out wide, ready to fly, carry you beyond your wildest imaginations? Do you even know what they look like? If they aren't ready to fly, why not? Remember, these wings are yours and they are in your mind. Nobody, not one of the 7 billion people on this planet, no aliens, no one is in control of them except *YOU*. You're young, you may be afraid that in trying to fly you will fall. Well there is a small chance that you might, but that will only help you to grow stronger wings to be able to soar higher than the mighty touch the sky, or even break a hole in the sky and fly right through. Perhaps you have yet to identify your wings. Don't worry, if you seek, you shall find. Try searching a little. If you have already searched...try to not search. Instead, try just peeking into your own heart. Maybe you feel stuck, closed up in a cage. You have created this cage, it is made of your own brain cells. More importantly, you are holding the keys to open it. So WHAT are you waiting for? Make this Freedom Day memorable...make it the day you broke free from your shackles...the day you decided to fly, because you totally can!! :D

Woah...that was some rant. I had no idea I could ramble total nonsense like this! If any human actually read're probably gone insane by now. I'm truly sorry. I am crazy this way :P"

Hope you didn't read that and lose your mind. I need your mind to pray for good luck for my remaining exams and for Camp NaNoWriMo!!
Take care. Keep smiling, always. :)

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